How to go about marketing?

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We have a mobile app and we just started marketting. Our clients are basically restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, spas and saloons etc.

Now, we have started cold calling (2 of us), finding out their numbers online, calling up the business places, scheduling appointments and meeting them, and pitching. But our signup rate has been very slow. We are wondering how the big guys do it? Is there a better way? Is there a database of direct contacts?


  • @Aravs: First thing first : What you are doing isn't marketing, but sales/biz dev.
    There are companies like Clubd who have ~100 merchants signup (
  • Hey,
    Just a small point to put through. I had actually tried to get in touch with the "decision makers" for quite a few places, including restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars, etc. in Bangalore for the need of my product. It is indeed very tough. I believe there are databases available online and people are selling them. Although I am not sure of the authenticity of these contact details, it is just something I have heard of. Thought you should know as well.

  • hi, i suggest you pound the streets and do cold calling till you reach some mile stones. The mile stones could be one of these time, no. of meetings with key decision makers, no. of sign ups. This will give you valuable insight into the market you are targeting.

  • Use,, sales generation agency...
  • Try going ahead with paid marketing for more signup's.
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  • Hi,

    What have you learned about your target customers in these cold calls? Who are these guys? Are they online? On facebook? Are they likely to read a particular type of newsletter? Are they the people who respond to reviews on zomato or elsewhere? Marketing always starts with identifying the target customers, and then figuring out the places where you can get their attention.

    Purely in terms of database, you can try to get in touch with companies collecting and providing local business data. Even if they are ethical and don't sell it to you, they should be open to sending marketing e-mails on your behalf for some compensation.
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