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wondering if there is any app in India which allows you to scan product tags at retail stores and compare the price online - like its happening in USA


  • Actually, that's a problem worth solving. Guys at mysmartprice/price comparison engines should do that
  • it will disrupt retail in india and bring the 99% consumers who dont shop online - it will solve all scaling probs of ecomm companies!
  • is it technically feasible in India? any global examples of such apps!
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    Is only price going to be the distinguishing factor? I don't think that way. Retail stores retail at way lower prices than online stores. I have noticed, pricing for grocery, vegetables, soaps was around 10-15% cheaper. Bought stuff worth 3K from DMart (like Big Bazaar) that would have costed me atleast 3.4K if I had bought it from online grocers in Mumbai like BigBasket etc. Ofcourse, what matters is whether I require the convenience or whether I could wait for the stuff to get delivered the following day or what are the added offers or any other reason.

    Also, I have noticed the tech savvy people, when they come to buy electronics (which is rarely an impulsive decision), they have done their online RnD about pricing, offers, extended warranties etc. Price comparision engines will surely help these set of people to reduce the RnD time but price is not the only factor. It also matters to me that whether i am getting extended warranty (at what price), whether the store is offering me an extra pouch for my purchased device at 50% discount and also that the store delivers the stuff to me instantly, even if its a television its delivered in 1 hour flat. Also, on high value purchases like phones, etc. there is a bit of anxiety amongst buyers and they don't mind paying a bit extra for a offline and immediate give and take purchase. These are the roadblocks which need to be cleared first and it would be great to have a price comparison engine which also factors in additional offers by the stores, delivery times, reputations (timtara!) etc.

    PS: I purchase something online only if it is heavily discounted (Rs2000 wills shirt for Rs680) or if there is convenience (am out of town and require a pair of headphones delivered to my office).
  • i agree but its still a big problem/opportunity to crack :-)
  • This problem still exists for India. Solving it for the books is still easier (ISBN), But UPC codes are not easily available on the web, neither do e-commerce stores display UPCs on their website.
    We have started up and built a platform for price intelligence on web, its called BearShop ( ). Now with our data APIs we are working on solving the scan & compare with the an app (UPCs remain a problem yet, still long way to go). Will update folks here on the prototype.
  • You may want to check out reviews42 android app which is solving exactly the same problem for offline shoppers. It is already giving price comparison data for over 250 categories. It is really easy to solve this problem for categories like Books, Mobiles but the real challenge is to solve it for other categories where standardization is completely missing. We have already filed a few patents for our algorithm which does an excellent job to disambiguate products in all categories.
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