Looking for Feedback/advise on my new venture stallmart.com (Social Marketplace for Local Shopping)

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We have just launched out service - stallmart.com and we have couple of 'Real' Stalls (web stores) listed. However, there is a large number of small/medium/large sellers out there in the market and we are constantly trying to reach out them. But as a startup with limited means, it might take some time. In the meanwhile, I need some tips/advise on the below from you folks who would have already gone through early stage marketing;
1. Getting the idea across to small individual retailers is a challenge. We have built in some pretty good features that will help them promote their businesses. Challenge is making them understand. What you think is the best way to get the idea across to a potential customer & get them on-boarded? Problem is they have to sign up and get started.
2. We haven't started promoting our services to end customer (shoppers) as there isn't sufficient content on the site. Would it make sense to build some features that will attract the shoppers to the site in parallel? I think service like our where there is mutual dependency on the content will have a little tough time to get up n running.
3. I would love to meetup and speak to any of you who can help me with some advise/tips to get this up and running. Badly need a mentor/advisor :-)
Thank you..


  • What is the commitment you are asking from the small individual retailer for sign up ?
    My advice is do not even try to make them understand your business, probably they are in retail business for a longer time than you are. You are not a brand yet so any scheme may sound as a scam to them. Do not just show them the benefit, deliver the benefit to them. If they get the profits there is no reason they will not queue for your service
  • Thanks for the advise RaksWed. The commitment is really to create a stall and list their products. Problem for me is to show them the benefit, they will have to be on board because that creates the content for 'shoppers'. As you see, there is a mutual dependency of content.
  • Why would the retailer create a stall without there being a proof of the benefit ? Businessmen do not buy dreams which you are trying to sell. They will first analyze how much risk you have taken and have already overcome those. So remove all risks and efforts on the retailer part, take it all on your shoulders and deliver the benefit unless ofcourse if you are a master salesman and can sell dreams and emotions in the form of soda water
  • Totally agree with RaksWeb. Infact a great advice for @RodneyLewis, given that real/offline businesses always look for RoI.
  • Agree with both of you RaksWeb and Sinha. Will definitely make changes to our approach. Thank a lot for your advice.
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