Sachin's Last Speech on Retirement

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Sachin Tendulkar's super emotional and inspirational speech at Wankhede Stadium.


  • I liked it the first time I heard it but I expected more of it. He is one who has inspired million without talking much about it. So today when he got the chance, he should have spoken something to inspire people/Indians in general irrespective of age, sex, colour and creed.

    I remember seeing Dravid's video talking about excellence in Australia and it was fantastic. I remember some of it even today. Unfortunately when I see this video 5 yrs down the later, I will only be able to who are the critical people in his life. One may argue that it is his retirement and this day should be about him but with a chance to address such a large and varied crowd, it could have been more about inspiring millions. I expected more.
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