Online shoe laundry

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Is there someone ready to put your dirty shoes to shoe laundry which is online based?
Are you ready to send the shoes through courier near  by you for shoe laundry?
Are you ready to spend something between 100 to 150 rs??


  • Shoe laundry?! Who the heck washes their shoes?
  • I am Not

    .....but since you have shared an Idea.

    Add footwear repair at least.

    are you targeting all India? or some local area?

    What is the collect--repair/wash--delivery time?
  • Have not seen online ones yet. But have seen a couple of offline ones on snapdeal:

    1. Shoe spa in delhi
    2. Glow Shoe laundry in mumbai

    why not target entire laundry rather than just shoes?
  • What is this world coming to?

    Why would anybody courier their clothes to get them washed and then get them couriered back!?
  • But there are some well proven stories in shoe laundry space offline...
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    Is the market that big? Looks like a niche no-market in India. There is already one startup doing this featured on After 2 years they are at 2000 customers in Delhi. There is another based out of mumbai with revenue of 24 lakh in year 4. To answer your question: I wash my shoes in a washing machine and get them repaired from a local mochi. I don't see a value add in using an online service.
  • There is a company already doing this.

    They work on the franchisee model and work locally by the name shoe laundry/shoe vival. Typical cost of cleaning (with pickup and deliver is 170Rs).

    I would say it's a good service as they can clean leather/suede shoes and others. They also offer color correction and repairing services.

    Source: I am a customer.
  • Would not work in Bangalore, for instance. Lidkar kiosks everywhere, and do repairs and small jobs at a very affordable price.

    Pick a specific benefit ("shoes worth >3000 will last at least 50% more than normal") and try it in an underserved market to test this.
  • Yes, definitely.  Got my kids dirty shoes cleaned to new ones!

    Really worth the money we pay.
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